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About Us

The history of dwfc

In 1997, Allan Quesnel and David Wu opened the Athletic Club at 755 Wonderland Road North in a property owned by Southside Group. The business was very successful and Athletic Club started to expand to other locations.


Approximately 10 years after the Athletic Club's inception, the majority of ownership corporation was sold to Northwest Equity Partners out of Minneapolis, and Allan Quesnel left the corporation. A few years after Allan Quesnel left, David Wu also sold his ownership interest to Northwest Equity Partners and The Athletic Club changed its name to Movati Athletic and registered its new name in all the provinces and states in the USA.


When the pandemic occurred early 2020, the fitness industry was financially decimated inclusive of Movati Athletic.


In late 2022, Movati's lease was maturing (25 years at the North location) and Northwest Equity Partners decided not to extend the lease and also decided to close the South club at the same time and leave London, putting approximately 95 employees out of work.


Southside Group as the Landlord commenced legal action against Movati and Northwest Equity Partners to collect its current and future contractual rent and the parties negotiated a settlement.


At the end of 2022, Southside Group in conjunction with Damian Warner announced they will open a new gym brand in the clubs with modifications and improvement, and hire as much of the former Movati staff to service the new clubs. Damian Warner Fitness Centre was opened with 2 locations on January 2, 2023.


Our goal is to provide the best fitness centre and best value in the city of London and we are very pleased with the club membership to date. We hope this clears up any and all questions that Damian Warner Fitness Centre is in no way affiliated with the previous Movati Athletic (Northwest Equity Partners) company.







VITO FRIJIA, President

Southside Group

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