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Please let us know if you have questions not listed on this page. 

How much are your memberships?

Our biweekly price (every 2 weeks) is $23.95 +HST. This price includes both locations, the pools, and all group fitness classes. Specialty classes, personal training, massage therapy, and towel rentals are an extra fee.

Is hot yoga included?

Yes, hot yoga and all of our group fitness classes are included with your membership!

Is there a seniors or student discount?

Right now we just have one biweekly price!

How do I get an invitation code for the DWFC app?

Click here to be sent your code! 

Do you offer family plans or corporate discounts?

We do offer corporate discounts for local businesses that we have partnered with. Please see our "Corporate" page for a list! Proof of employment (a paystub) is required. If your employer is not listed, feel free to have them reach out to us to discuss a partnership.

We do not currently offer family plans, only individual memberships.

How do I book a tour?

Drop by any time after 7am for a tour of the facilities - no need to book in! 

Are your memberships a 12-month commitment?

We have a no-commitment option and a 12-month commitment plan. The price is the same biweekly, but if you join under the 12-month commitment plan we waive the $39.95 +HST joining fee! Please note, in order to be fair to those who chose the no-commitment plan, if you do commit to the 12-month plan we are not able to cancel the membership prior to the end of the commitment period for any reason.

Are you hiring? How can I apply?

If we are currently accepting applications, we post all open positions for customer service and custodial staff on Indeed here and we also often post hiring needs on our social media pages. Due to the volume of applicants, we ask that you apply through Indeed and we will contact those selected for an interview. 

If you are a certified group fitness instructor, please email to inquire to teach classes at our clubs. We are open to classes that we don't yet offer as well!

Do you offer day passes or free trials?

Our day passes are just $12 per day before tax. All group fitness classes are included! Photo ID is required.

We usually offer a free-access day once a month to allow anyone interested to try it out, which will be posted on our website home page around 1 week prior. Photo ID is required for free access!

How old do I have to be to use the clubs?

13 or older. Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a consent form during the sign-up process or upon first visit. ID is required!

What do I need to bring to join?

Please bring valid photo ID and your banking information, which is required for all members. A banking app, blank cheque, or direct deposit form is sufficient! A credit card can be added as a back-up method only. 

Do I have access to both locations? Are classes included?

Yes! You can use either of our London locations, and all group fitness classes are included, such as hot yoga, cycling, AquaFit, and more!

Can I pause my membership?

Yes, we offer holds for a limited time per year. A service fee applies. Please sign the hold request form at the front desk at least 5 business days prior to an upcoming payment - we cannot backdate holds. Membership time paid ahead or upfront is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the gym in person to pause your membership, you can email your request to

How do I cancel my membership? 

If your memberships is no-commitment, you can cancel anytime by providing your signature 30 days ahead of time at the front desk. Please note - any membership time paid ahead or upfront is non-refundable. If you submit your cancellation notice while you are in a 12-month commitment membership, your membership will expire at the end of your commitment period. If you are unable to attend the gym in person to cancel your membership, you can either send a letter through registered mail or email your written request to to begin your 30 day notice. Please note, we cannot accept cancellation or hold requests over the phone or through the website contact form. 

Do you offer personal training?

We allow certified personal trainers to rent our facilities to offer their own training services. Please see our personal training page for a list of current trainers and their contact info!

Interested in becoming a trainer?

Please email for rental contract information! We are currently accepting new trainers and we would love to help you expand your business to our thousands of members.

How can my business, sports team, or organization be added to your corporate wellness program?

Please email for partnership opportunities. We generally require a minimum of 15 individuals to be considered for a group discount. 

Do you have a pool only membership?

We do not have a pool-only membership, but the pool is included in the regular membership price!

Do you have a squash only membership?

We do not have a squash-only membership- Squash is $10 biweekly on top of the gym membership fee for unlimited squash, or $5 extra for a daily squash pass. Non-members may come play squash by buying a day pass to the gym and adding a squash pass. 

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